Smile Gallery

Crowns and Implants


Carly – 28 yo female was concerned about her “child’s teeth” and wasn’t happy with the fact that she was never smiling in photos with her family and friends. Orthodontic correction of the position of her teeth followed by conservative all-porcelain restorations had her smiling once again.


Roberta – 54 yo female wants to correct the spaces that have started to form in between her front teeth. Her upper teeth were extracted with immediate implant placement. Implant supported all-zirconia bridges and crowns were used to restore Roberta’s smile.


Jean-Marie – 84 yo female was fed up with not being able to eat due to tooth pain and missing teeth and was “sick of my grandkids asking me why my teeth are brown!” Implant-supported immediate dentures solved her eating problems and overall health overnight and improved her appearance and self-confidence with her family.


Katie – 33 yo female was involved in a bicycle accident and suffered trauma to her front teeth. Root canal therapy, post-core, and all-porcelain crowns were used to get her back in the saddle as if it never happened.


Michael – Recently retired 66 yo male with a lifetime of patchwork dentistry that was beginning to fail. Patient and his wife were planning to relocate out of the country and wanted to get “everything fixed up so that I don’t have to worry about it once we move”. Implants and all-porcelain were crowns used to reconstruct this case

Dental Bonding


Brandon – 17 yo male who is active in sports was interested in fixing the chipped edges of his front teeth. Direct bonding was completed in one office visit and not only improved the appearance of his teeth, it motivated Brandon to improve his oral hygiene as well. Be sure to wear your mouthguard Brandon!


Katie – 27 yo female was mortified to be walking around with her tooth chipped like this at work. Custom tints and careful placement of direct bonding blended the restoration with the rest of her tooth. Patient was ecstatic.

Gum Graft Surgery


Colby – 29 yo male was concerned with recession of the gums that were exposing his root surfaces and causing continued sensitivity. A gum graft surgery was used to successfully cover the recession area and promote long term periodontal stability.

Laser Assisted Procedures


Alan – 39 yo male was concerned about the “bump” that he had on his gums because he heard about the dangers of oral cancer. A simple laser assisted biopsy deemed the lesion to be benign (which Alan was more than happy to know) and the healing was uneventful and almost immediate.

Microabrasion Stain Removal


Alexia – 18 yo female felt that her friends were making fun of her stained teeth. “I have this spot on my tooth and I just hate it… I wish it would just go away!” It did, in 10 minutes! No needles, no drills.



Cheryl –  37 yo female admits that she never has cared for the space in between her front teeth.  When presented with a solution of wearing Invisalign clear braces for 9 months, she agreed to move forward with treatment. The results are dramatic and involved no crowns, bondings, or any permanent alterations of her natural teeth.


Dario – 43 yo male concerned because he previously had braces as a child and now his teeth are pushed forward. He admits to not wearing a retainer as a teenager but now is serious about correcting his malocclusion. Invisalign clear braces for 6 months were used to re-position the teeth back to his teenage years.

Teeth Whitening


Margaret – 38 yo school teacher is embarrassed because her students continue to ask her why there are “spots on my teeth”. Self-administered take home whitening trays proved to be a simple and effective treatment that resulted in a dramatic improvement for Margaret!