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Welcome to our Patient Resource page. As Champions for Oral Health, we understand that knowledge is power when it comes to maintaining your teeth for a lifetime. Here you will find helpful links to all kinds of information related to your oral health:

Forms, Info Sheets, and Tools:
Online Forms/Registrations
Consent Forms
Info Sheets
Online Symptom Checker
Post-Operative Instructions

Online Forms/Registrations

First time patients, please complete and submit the following forms before your appointment, or download the forms and bring them with you:

Patient Registration Form
Medical History

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Consent Forms

Consent for Bone Grafting (Word)
Consent for Clear Aligner Therapy (Word)
Consent for Implant Surgery (Word)
Consent for Implant (Word)
Consent for Mini Implants (Word)
Consent for IV Sedation (Word)
Consent for Occlusal Equilibration (Word)
Consent for Oral Appliance Therapy (Word)
Consent for Perio Surgery (Word)
Consent for Root Canal (Word)
Consent for Extraction (Word)
Potential Complications of Wisdom Teeth Extractions (Word)
Prosthetic Joint Infection – Should I Take Antibiotics (Word)

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Info Sheets

Acute Temporo Mandibular Disorders (Word)
ADA facts on Amalgam and Personal Health (Word)
Avoiding Stomach Problems with NSAIDs (Word)
Dental Erosion (Word)
Dental Health for College Students (Word)
First Aid for Dental Problems (Word)
Fluoride in Your Water (Word)
Hypertension (Word)
Instructions for Night Guard (Word)
Instructions for Thermoplastic Night Guard (Word)
Instructions for Use of Your Somnodent Appliance (Word)
Instructions for Use of Your TA3P Appliance (Word)
Jaw Exercises for Head and Neck Radiation (PDF)
Managing Dental Decay – The Basics (Word)
Periodontal Disease Info Sheet 2012 (Word)
Prosthetic Joint Infection – Should I Take Antibiotics (Word)
What is a Dental Implant? (Word)
Your Child’s First Dental Visit (Word)

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Online Symptom Checker

Online Symptom Checker – a service provided by the American Dental Association®

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Post-Operative Instructions

Bone Grafting (Word)
Dental Implants (Word)
Extraction (Word)
Sinus Perforation (Word)

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