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Your First Visit

A dental treatment plan that is tailored for you

Your first visit to our dental office will be scheduled directly with the dentist. It is our goal to treat each patient as a unique individual, not just a number. We believe that you should see the dentist at the first visit so you can establish a relationship with your dentist. Together, you and the dentist will then determine your treatment goals; whether it is to address a specific dental issue or to complete a comprehensive exam and cleaning. We believe it is important for each new patient to have the opportunity to see the dentist on the first visit as this is the individual who is going to be providing your future dental care.

Come prepared to discuss your concerns and individual needs. If you have current radiographs from another practice, please contact that office to have those records sent to us. The types of x-rays that are helpful are panoramic or full mouth series (FMX) within the last five years and any individual or bitewing x-rays within the last 12 months. Radiographs play an integral role in evaluating your dental health, but our goal is to not take radiographs unless completely necessary.

Payment and insurance

For your first visit it will be important to bring your insurance information so we can file your dental claims on your behalf. Most insurance companies accept electronic claims and we are able to submit 90% of our claims electronically.

We do not participate with any dental plans, but the majority of plans allow you to still receive benefits at our office as a non-participating provider. Because we are not a participating provider, the insurance will reimburse you directly and you would pay for services at the time of your visit.

We accept three major credit cards; Visa, MasterCard and Discover. We also accept Care Credit, which is a credit card designed specifically for use in the healthcare offices. Ask us about Care Credit – No Interest Financing and if you might be eligible.

We also offer discounts for payment with check for larger treatment plans.

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First-Time Patients

Download Welcome Packet (PDF)

First time patients, please complete and submit the following forms before your appointment, or download the forms and bring them with you:

Patient Registration Form (Online)
Medical History (Online)